The Public Health Agency of Canada now advises non-medical masks that have three layers. PetiteVie Masks meet these guidelines.

What’s the new mask recommendation?

Earlier this month the Public Health Agency of Canada advised Canadians to up their mask game and use non-medical face masks that have three layers—two layers that are made of a tightly woven fabric like cotton, and a third layer that is made of a synthetic water-repelling material that can act as a filter to trap infectious particles. (Alternatively, you can choose masks that have a pocket in which you insert a removable filter, we provide this option with all our classic fits.) 

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam stressed the importance of the new recommendation given the fact that we are moving into winter and likely to spend more time indoors.

three layered masks, built in filter

All PetiteVie Masks have an inner layer of melt-blown non-woven polypropylene. 

What is non-woven polypropylene—and why is it a better filter?

It’s a synthetic material in which the plastic is bonded rather than woven. This kind of material repels water, which makes it a good material for helping “filter” particles. (A lot of reusable tote and shopping bags are made of the material, and PHAC even suggests you use one to make your filter layer.) 

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Thread count on cotton masks is critical

Masks are recommended for children over two years of age in indoor public space.

How in the world do you keep a mask on a headstrong toddler or sneaky preschooler? As you might have guessed, it's probably going to take some work. One great tip I've received from another parent is to "Give kids a matching mask for a favorite doll or stuffed animal to wear," she says. "Or make a superhero mask to go with their superhero outfit and let them dress up for their trip out of the house." "Or practice wearing around the house with them". 

We understand from first hand experience with our own children and that is why we created our Matching Collection! Simply select your child's favourite pattern and select Optional Matching set  (at a discounted price) when you check out. 

three layered masks, built in filters

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